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The Public must demand Healthy Homes and Living Environments:  We have the Non Toxic Materials, + we have Technology.

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The concept behind a non toxic sealer is that a thin membrane is created when coated overtop of the substrate which in essence locks in the offgassing - thus preventing outgassing.  Each substrate off-gasses the compositions it was made of: For example (MDF, particleboard or chipboard is made by combining the binders (glues and chemicals) with the wood chips).  Every glue andchemical will emit it's base contents.  All of these emissions add the the air quality of the living space thus creating the chemical-soup concoction that the inhabitants will breathe in.  Even wood in it pure natural form has formaldehyde in it.

When applying the sealer make certain that all the edges, grooves, drill-holes are fully saturated.  Just like a chain is as strong as it's weakest link you'll want to make certain that the membrane surface is complete and intact.  Especially for people with a chemical sensitivity concern having a solid membrane is essential to lock-in offgassing and for this reason we like to apply three to four coats.  For cut wood and plywood we like to give the sides even more coatings.  A good idea before installing the sealed product, if possible, is to have the person or persons who have the sensitivity run their hands over the surface.  While the membrane and toxins are invisible to the human eye, they will be able to tell you that success has been achieved.

Non Toxic Sealer of another kind by is your source for EMR products, services, education and information (EMR = Electromagnetic Radiation). Click on this image to visit their website.

Grounding Plate Exterior - ESA

CBR Products manufactures the BRODA line of Low Odour / Low Odour and Low VOC Compliant coatings. Click on this image to visit their website.
Coatings manufacturer makes great dinishes that serve as sealers for wood, metal, voncrete, stone and other substrates.
CBR Products manufactures the BRODA line of Low Odour / Low Odour and Low VOC Compliant coatings. Click on this image to visit their website.
Coatings manufacturer makes great dinishes that serve as sealers for wood, metal, voncrete, stone and other substrates.

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We are pleased to promote, network and sell the complete product line of AFM SafeCoat ® Non Toxic Sealers.  Recognized as one of the best Sealer Manufacturers their building products contains no formaldehyde, have zero VOC, very low VOC or low VOC and are used by and for those with chemical sensitivities.

Doctor recommended for those who suffer with Chemical Sensitivities.

Made in the United States of America (U.S.A.).

Meets or exceeds all (US) Federal and State air quality regulations (including California).
Meets and exceeds all Canadian standards including French labeling and packaging.


We MUST REMOVE WiFi  from school environments:

Please use fibre optic cables instead

Please be remove school radiation

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Did you know ...that by rinsing your mouth with a food-grade oil (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) for 20 minutes in the morning or upon waking it is purported to help remove toxins that have built up while sleeping.


Exterior Metal Decor + Interior Metal Decor 

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Lift truck services in Toronto, The GTA and London areas of southern Ontario Canada.
AFM SafeCoat Very Low VOC Lock-In Wood Sanding Sealer
Formulated to reduce the raising of the grain on raw wood when water-based products used.
AFM SafeCoat Very Low VOC MexeSeal Sealer
Medium gloss sealer for porous interior tile or masonry surfaces where repellancy desired.
AFM SafeCoat Zero VOC Penetrating Water Stop
improves water resistancy & repellancy on brick, concrete, stone & unglazed tile.
AFM SafeCoat Very Low VOC Safe Seal Sealer
Multi-use low gloss: highly porous surfaces: particleboard, plywood, wood & concrete
AFM SafeCoat Very Low VOC Hard Seal Sealer
Multi-use gloss: high & low porosity surfaces: seals in & helps fighy outgassing.
AFM SafeCoat Not Toxic Interior/Exterior WaterShield
Liquid repellant: fast-drying: hardens masonry surfaces. Can be painted on or over.
AFM SafeCoat Zero VOC Grout Sealer
Interior: moisture resistant for porous grout and other cementitious surfaces.



Once the building project is finished add some of Michael Pape's artwork to the walls: Canadian Wildlife Artist. Buy paintings and prints, including limited edition gliclee prints online. 

The Toxic Enemy seals our environments with harmful toxins:  We are mobilizing our resources.  The Public must demand healthy alternatives: we have the non toxic raw materials and we have the Technology.

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